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Podcast Freelancer

Need help editing, organizing, and improving your podcast? Let me help!

Who am I

My name is Trevor Williams. Host of the Farm Traveler podcast. Over the last three years, I’ve built a successful show that’s downloaded across the globe. During my podcasting journey, I’ve edited hundreds of episodes and have built a great list of tools that help me delivery high-quality audio in a timely and organized manner. If you were like me, I had to search all over the internet to piece together tools and best practices to podcasting. This of course, took years of hard work.

I’d love to help you along your podcasting journey. If it’s editing your shows, teaching organization tools and strategies, or even coaching sessions, I’ll be glad to help. Use the Contact For below.


Using Adobe Audition, I can podcasts, improve audio quality, and remove that distracting background noise.


Organization is key when it comes to producing and maintaining a successful show. I’ll share the tools of the trade.


I’ll also be glad to work with you on coaching services like how to host a show, creating artwork, and landing guests.

Drop a line and lets chat